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Mole Crickets

Mole Cricket

 South Africa Golf Turf Care Treating Mole Crickets


Mole Crickets infest turfgrass and create problems for turf quality and development. Most of the damage occurrs normally below the soil surface in the root zone, but can occur also above the soil surface, where the insects feed on the leaves.
South Africa Golf Turf Care Treating Mole Crickets Damage
Mole Cricket Damage


Mole crickets can be pests in certain crops and turf grass (home lawns, golf courses etc). Damage is caused by direct root feeding and the burrowing activity that destroys roots.

Mole crickets feed on small soil insects as well as plant roots and shoots. Some species are extremely damaging to turf especially in warm climates.

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Integrated Turf Management

  • Meridian is mainly positioned in the "below surface" insect problems, providing both contact and ingestion activity.

  • If treated preventatively, the insects stop feeding within hours leading to minimal turf damage. Death occurs quickly, usually within 24 - 48 hours.

  • The product is most active in early development stages of the grubs and mole crickets. Alternative chemistry should be used for the adult stages.